Anthony + David


Anthony Plays

1974 Gibson SG Standard, EGC Series One guitar, EGC Custom guitar,  1972 Traynor YGL-3, 1969 Traynor YBA-1, Marshall 4 x 12, Bogen 2 x 12.
Pedals: Volume, wah, tremolo, phaser, delay X 2, overdrive, and fuzz.


David Plays

Handmade, Pork Pie, double re-enforced, maple wood drums which were custom made for somebody else in 1991.  24 inch kick drum.  16 inch floor tom.  14 inch high tom.  The snare is a 14 inch Tama maple wood piccolo.  All the heads are Remo with the exception of the batter side of the kick which is an Aquarian Superkick II.

The hardware is a classic craigslist collection:  DW high hat stand.  DW snare stand.  Gibralter snare stand for the high tom.  Two heavy duty Gibralter boom cymbal stands.  One Tama ride cymbal stand.  Pacific throne.  DW 5000 kick pedal.

The cymbals tend to rotate in and out as they acquire chips and cracks.  This is the current line up.  20 inch Zildjian Custom A Ping Ride on the left.  20 inch Custom A Medium Crash on the right.  21 inch Zildjian Custom A Rock Ride.  14 inch Zildjian New Beat High Hats.

David plays Pro-Mark wood tip coated 5B American hickory drum sticks.

Also, let the record show that on Cinder Cone and Sharkelepharhino, David played a very well tuned black Pearl Export Series.  22 inch kick.  16 inch floor.  13 inch high tom.